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  • Pack size 16

Strepsils Cool lozenge

For the burning pain associated with sore throats, Strepsils Cool lozenges provide a soothing cooling sensation.

Strepsils Sugarfree Lemon lozenge

Try out Strepsils Sugarfree lemon Lozenge. Do not worry about tooth decay. Suitable for diabetes.

Strepsils Ginger lozenge

Check out our Strepsils Ginger Flavour lozenge - Strepsils medicine with a special formulation of ginger spice, fruity plum and soothing cream.

Strepsils Max Lozenge

Extra Strength. Targeted Relief. Available in a pack size of 16.

Strepsils Strepfen Honey & Lemon Lozenge

Strepfen contains the anti-inflammatory and analgesic Flurbiprofen, providing fast, effective pain relief without numbing.